February 25, 2021 DDD Communication

Good Afternoon,

Mariel and Kim
Above: Mariel Hamer-Sinclair, Associate Director of Program & Policy of Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, Kimberly Mercer-Schleider, Director at Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities


  • The preliminary seven-day statewide positivity for cases as a percent of total test from February 18-24, 2021 is 2.5%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from February 18-24, 2021 is 2.7%.
  • Remember to register for the Supportive Housing: Supportive Housing Waitlists 101 and How You Can Use the Existing DD Waiver to Fund Supports webinar on March 11.
  • IDPH released their 6.0 version of the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.


The Division is very pleased to announce that Rule 115, which governs CILA operations, has been revised and will be published in the Illinois Register on 2/26/21 for First Notice which includes a 45-day public comment period. The rule has not been updated since 2003. Expect Rule 119 (governs Community Day Service operations) and Rule 120 (governs waiver operations) to post in the coming months. Rule revision is an important step to ensure that our operations are in line with changes to state and federal laws and rules, provider expectations and best practices. The Illinois Register will be posted to this link on 02/26/21 (as Issue 9 - February 26, 2021).


NOTE: This is as reflected in the Governor's Proposed Budget. The ultimate budget is subject to appropriation by the Illinois General Assembly. Implementation of these recommendations is also dependent on Federal CMS approval of a Waiver Amendment for any changes to Waiver Services and a State Plan Amendment for any changes for ICF/IDD and ICF/IDD CDS rates.

Residential Services

  • Frontline Staff: Increase CILA Residential DSP and ICF/DD Aide reimbursement rates to $15/hr (increase of $.50) in the rate calculator/methodology as of 7/1/21
  • Other-Frontline Staff: Move job titles listed in the rate calculator/methodology (ie. QIDP, RN, etc.) to Guidehouse recommendations for CILA Residential and ICF/DD Residential as of 7/1/21.
  • Unfunded hours in 24-Hour CILA Model (60D): Fund the currently-unfunded 2 staffing hours per day in the 5- to 8-bed 24-hour CILA rate methodology as of 1/1/22.
  • 24-Hour CILA Bed Hold: Eliminate bed hold payments and implement an occupancy component to CILA 24 Hour Shift Staff and Host Family rates as of 7/1/21.
  • CILA Earned Income Collection: Remove earned income as part of the 3rd Party Liability (offset) in determining the person's bottom line rate paid by the State. This also removes the collection of earned income by providers from CILA residents as of 7/1/21.
  • Intermittent CILA: Convert Intermittent CILA and Intermittent Family CILA to hourly rate as of 7/1/21.
  • Host Family: Convert Host Family CILA from shift-staff methodology to host family methodology as of 7/1/21.

Community Day Services

  • Community Day Services (31U/31C): Move CDS services onto the Guidehouse recommended rate methodology as of 7/1/21. Set the average DSP wage in the rate methodology at $15/hr. Move other-frontline staff job titles listed in the rate methodology to Guidehouse recommended averages for CDS staff as of 7/1/21. This is applicable for ICF/DD rates as well.

Employment Recommendations

  • Individual Supported Employment (39U): Implement Guidehouse Individual Supported Employment (SEP) Rates as of 7/1/21.
  • Group Supported Employment (39G): Implement Guidehouse Group Supported Employment Rates (39G) as of 7/1/21.


We know providers are requesting an update on if the 5% per-diem increase for CILA (60D) and 15% hourly increase for CDS (31U/31C) will be extended past March 31, 2021. The Division is working on providing an update in the coming weeks. We understand that these increases have been important and necessary to stabilize operations under COVID-19. More to come.


HFS published updated ICF/DD, MC/DD and ICF/DD CDS rates on February 19, 2021. Please take a look.


The Division has increasingly been receiving questions about the ability of ICF/DDs and CLFs to return to their regular off-site day programs. If your Region is in Phase 3 or 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan and your facility and Region are not in Mitigation, your residents have the ability to attend their day program. They would need to follow any and all precautions put in place by guidance, the day program provider, as well as meet any IDPH requirements. If your facility or Region is at any level of Mitigation, your residents need to follow the Tiers of Mitigation you fall in. The Division will be providing an update on the ICF/DD's capacity to provide, and bill for, day program services on-site in the future.

Thank you for all you do!


Allison V. Stark

Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Illinois Department of Human Services

600 East Ash-Building 400, Springfield, IL 62703

Tel: (217) 782 -6803

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