WAG 03-06-05-e: Exception Request Approved

PM 03-06-05-e.

When the exception is approved, the Family Community Resource Center must:

  1. (FCRC) Send the client Exception Decision Notice (Form 4693).
  2. (FCRC) Use AIS, ACM, or IPACS to add the appropriate exception code in Item 60 for the adult with the exception reason. For active TANF cases, add the exception code with TA 31/TAR 61 or when taking another action. Add it for the first possible month; do not wait until the 61st month. If the person is not in the case, include the exception code when you add the person with TA 34/TAR 00. For Medical cases, add the exception code when you SWAP the case to TANF. In AIS, enter the exception code on CAF Screen 7C. The exception code appears after the counter on Form 552 and ACID.

    The exception codes are:

    • B application for SSI Disability pending
    • C medical condition
    • D intensive program that prevents full-time work
    • E approved short-term education or training program
    • F family care barrier
    • G child with Home and Community-based Care waiver

    For example, enter a C if CAU approved a medical barrier and said the client is probably not eligible for SSI.

    Although a client may qualify for more than one exception reason, only one code may be entered. On the cover memorandum with Form 4692, BPD will provide the code for the approval reason that is expected to last the longest.

  3. (FCRC) Enter code 683 EXCPT in Item 80. Include the client's RIN. Under PERSONS, enter the 4-digit date for a review of the exception, as given by BPD on the cover memorandum. The Family Community Resource Center and central office must review the case by that date to see if the client still qualifies for the exception. When entering code 683 EXCPT, delete Item 80 code 156 DRD if it exists on the case for the person with the exception (except for a family care barrier, which requires code 156 to enter the M or Q in Item 73). In AIS, enter the Review Date on CAF Screen 7C.
  4. (FCRC) Enter A under SUP. BY for Item 80 code 686 EXREQ to show the request was approved. If the person with the exception is being added to the case, you must enter the entire code 686, since it cannot be entered until the person is in the case. In AIS, enter A under Request Status on CAF Screen 7C.
  5. (System) Automatically deletes code 686 after recording the disposition.
  6. 6. (FCRC) Continue or restore assistance without a loss in benefits for persons who remain eligible without an exception, regardless of when the exception was requested. Determine the first day cash assistance needs to be provided for persons whose eligibility depends on the exception approval.
    1. If the client requested an exception by the 10th workday after the date the canceled or reduced benefits would have been received, provide or restore assistance with no loss in benefits. Authorize cash benefits via AIS, ACM, or IPACS for the first possible regular roll month, and issue a Mercury payment to cover any lost benefits.
    2. If the client requested an exception more than 10 workdays after the date the canceled or reduced benefits would have been received, a 30-day waiting period applies. For applicants and SWAP requests, the 30 days begins with the date of application or the SWAP request on Form 2905. For persons being added to an active case, the 30 days begins with the date of the exception request on Form 4691.

      Example: Client whose counter is 60 applies for cash, medical, and food stamps on 08/07. At the eligibility interview on 08/14, the interviewer tells the applicant that to be considered for cash, the applicant must request an exception. The client completes Form 4691 on 08/14. Interviewer faxes Form 4691 to BPD and follows procedures for processing an exception request.

      FCRC approves medical case on 08/21. On 09/03, FCRC receives the decision approving exception request. FCRC approves the cash case and begins cash benefits effective 09/06, the 30th day following the application date. 

  7. (FCRC) Continue with the usual TANF procedures (e.g., monitoring and updating RSP, doing REDEs, budgeting earned income with revised text3/4 disregard, clearing PAL codes, etc.).
  8. (System) Does not take negative action based on a counter over 60 when an exception or extension code is present.