WAG 03-06-05-d: Processing an Exception Request

PM 03-06-05-d

When the customer requests an exception, local office staff and central office staff work together to process the request and notify the customer of the decision within 45 days. Follow these procedures even if it is obvious that the customer does not meet the requirements for an exception.

  1. (FCRC) When Form 4691 is received, take the following action:
    1. For active TANF and Medical cases, enter code 686 EXREQ in Item 80 through ACM or IPACS. Include the RIN of the adult who claims to meet the exception reason.
      • Under AMOUNT, list the 6-digit date the form was received and date-stamped by either BPD or the local office. This is the date of the customer's request. This code and date serve as a control to ensure that a decision is made within 45 days.
      • Enter P under SUP. BY to show the request is pending.

        NOTE: You cannot enter code 686 if the person requesting is not active in the case. For a TANF case, this occurs when the person has been deleted due to the time limit or a person with a 60+ counter applies to be added.

    2. In AIS, enter the Request Date and Request Status on CAF Screen 7C for the person who claims to meet the exception reason.
    3. For zero grant reason E cases, review the relationship between the ineligible adult(s) and each child, and remove the case from zero grant as follows:
      • If there are persons in the case who are eligible without an exception to the time limit and it is not a minor parent and child situation, immediately delete the ineligible persons using TA 34/TAR 60 and add them as SNAP only persons. Remove zero grant reason E from Item 34, and restore cash assistance for the eligible persons without a loss of benefits. Change the payee for the TANF case or enter RPY in Item 8 and code 1 in Item 28, if appropriate.

        Copy necessary items from the case record and open a Category 94 or 96 case(s) for the persons you deleted from the TANF case. If the family receives SNAP, review the SNAP case and make appropriate changes. 

      • If a minor parent and their child are on the zero grant case, obtain a mail-in application (Form 2378B) from the minor parent. Delete the minor and child from the zero grant case. Set up a new TANF case for the minor and their child, using copies of the necessary verifications from the previous record. The parent may be the RPT if the minor parent is under 18.

        If the minor parent does not submit the mail-in application, do not delete the minor and child from the case.

        SWAP the zero grant case to 94 or 96. If the family receives SNAP, review the SNAP case and make appropriate changes. 

  2. (FCRC) If the customer requests an exception before or within 10 workdays after the date their stopped benefits would have been received, only Form 4691 is needed. If the exception request is filed more than 10 workdays after benefits are reduced or stopped due to the time limit, have the customer sign additional request or application forms as needed.
    1. For Medical cases, the customer must sign Request for Financial Assistance (Form 2905).
    2. For active TANF cases, the customer must sign Request for Assistance for Additional Family Member (Form 243) to add a person who is not required to be in the filing unit. If the request is to add a required filing unit member, only Form 4691 is needed.
  3. (FCRC) Determine if the family meets TANF eligibility requirements, other than an exception reason. Use normal budgeting policy. Allow the 3/4 disregard when budgeting earned income for active TANF cases. For applications and SWAP requests, allow the 3/4 disregard only if the case passes the initial income test, i.e., gross earnings minus initial earned income disregard, plus unearned income is less than the payment level.
    1. If there are persons in the case who are eligible without an exception, continue, approve, or restore their benefits right away. Do not wait for a decision on the exception request.
    2. If the person or case is ineligible for a reason other than the time limit, take action to cancel or deny TANF or delete the person on that basis. Do not wait for a decision on the exception request.
    3. At Intake, if the counter is between 57 and 59, process the application in the normal manner. If the counter is at 60 or above and the applicant is the parent of all the children, tell the applicant that they are not eligible for cash unless they meet one of the exception reasons.

      Proceed with the medical/SNAP application while the exception request is pending. If eligible, approve the Medical case and SNAP as soon as possible. Pend the cash application using the procedures in place for approving medical prior to the 30th day. Do not wait for the central office decision on the customer's request for an exception to approve medical or SNAP.

      If the counter is at 60 or above and the applicant is not the parent of some (or any) of the children, tell the applicant only the children for whom they are not the parent are eligible for cash unless an exception is approved. Approve an RPY cash case for the children who are not sons and daughters of the applicant, whether or not the applicant requests an exception.

      TANF eligibility for the applicant and their children who are not minor parents depends on approval of the exception request. If they are eligible for medical and SNAP, approve a Medical case with SNAP and pend the cash application until a decision is received on the exception request.

      If the applicant has a child who is a minor parent with their own child in the home, have the minor parent and child apply for cash in a separate case if the applicant does not request or qualify for an exception. 

  4. (FCRC) If the customer is eligible for TANF except for the time limit and there is a counter at 57 or more, collect all verifications needed for the Exception Committee to make a decision concerning whether the customer meets any of the exception reasons. If the customer is ineligible for TANF for another reason or all counters are under 61 and stopped or all counters are under 57, verification regarding the exception reasons is not needed.
  5. (FCRC) When the customer has less than 60 months and requests an exception based on a family care barrier or a Home and Community-based Care waiver child, determine if the clock should stop (see WAG 03-06-01-e or WAG 03-06-01-f). If so, enter the correct codes to stop the TANF counter. Reduce the counter value, if appropriate, just as you would for a customer who was not requesting an exception. Send the customer Your TANF Time Limit (Form 4335).
  6. (FCRC) Complete Exception Request Summary (Form 4692). Indicate whether the customer is otherwise eligible for TANF. If they are ineligible for a reason other than the time limit, explain why. If the family has nonexempt incomerevised text, include a screen print or show the financial determination on Form 4692.

    Make a recommendation to approve or deny the exception and explain why. Back up your recommendation with all relevant information covering the entire period the customer received TANF. This may include such things as a history of the customer's involvement with SSI, previous barriers or exemptions, the customer's sanction history, the customer's education, and the local office assessment of the customer's current medical condition or barrier. Besides information directly related to the exception reasons, include other information about the family situation that may affect the customer's ability to work.

    If you recommend exception approval, also recommend a review date. Obtain the signature of the LOA or designee. 

  7. (FCRC) Send Form 4692 and all verifications to:

    Department of Human Services
    Bureau of Policy Development
    100 S. Grand Ave. East
    Springfield, IL 62762 

  8. (CO) Reviews the material provided by the local office.
  9. (CO) Obtains additional information and expert input, if needed.
  10. (CO) Renders a decision to approve or deny the exception request.
  11. (CO) Completes the appropriate section on Form 4692.
  12. (CO) Sends Form 4692 and a cover memorandum to the local office to notify them of the decision.