WAG 03-06-04-a: Parent of All Children and Adult-only Cases

PM 03-06-04-a.

The following procedures apply to an active case when the adult with a 60+ counter is the legal parent of all the children in the case or the case is adult-only and the only adult or both adults have 60+ months.

  1. (System) Centrally cancels the case using TA 22/TAR 63 and automatically SWAPs it to Medical. Continues FS on the 94 or 96 case.
  2. (System) Issues Notice of Change (Form 157C) with the message:

    You are ineligible for TANF Cash due to the 60-month lifetime limit. PM 03-06 

  3. (FCRC) If the family receives FS, the Family Community Resource Center must review the FS case and make appropriate changes.