WAG 03-06-04: Effect of the 60-month Limit

PM 03-06-04.

At schedule closing, if an active case with no exception or 3-month extension has a person whose counter would advance to 61 or more, the system acts to stop cash for ineligible persons. The system action depends on the relationship of the ineligible adult to the children, as shown by the Item 62 codes for the children. The Family Community Resource Center must take follow-up action for all cases.

AIS denies cash assistance for applicants determined ineligible due to the 60-month limit.

When a parent with 60+ months moves into the home with their children who receive TANF, handle the situation as if the parent were in the case and they just reached 60 months. Be sure to inform the family of exception policy and provide Request for Exception (Form 4691). Follow exception procedures if a request is submitted. If the exception is approved, add the person with 60+ months to the case.

If there is no exception, the person with 60+ months is ineligible. The person's children in the home are also ineligible for TANF as children. If the person with 60+ months is the parent of all the children, SWAP the case to medical and add the person. If the person with 60+ months is not the parent of all the children, delete the person's child(ren) and set up a medical case(s) for the person and their child(ren). The other child(ren) and their parent or caretaker remain eligible in the TANF case.

If the ineligible person's child is pregnant or a minor parent, the child may apply for their own TANF case.

Example: Mr. G and his son J move in with Ms. H, who receives TANF for herself and 2 daughters, K and L. Mr. G is the legal father of L. Mr. G's TANF counter is 60, and Ms. H's TANF counter is 30. They do not meet an exception reason.

Mr. G and his children, J and L, are ineligible due to the time limit and are excluded from the filing unit. Delete L from Ms. H's case and set up a medical case for her. Ms. H and K remain eligible for TANF.