PM 03-06-04: Effect of the 60-month Limit

WAG 03-06-04.

When an adult reaches the 60-month limit, the adult is ineligible for TANF benefits, unless an adult in the case qualifies for an exception reason. When the ineligible adult is a parent, their children who live with them are also ineligible for cash benefits as children. If a child is a minor parent, the child is eligible as an adult in a separate case with their child. If a child whose parent is ineligible due to the time limit goes to live with another relative and the parent is not in the home, the relative may receive TANF for the child. The relative may also be included in the case if they have not reached their 60-month limit and are otherwise eligible.

The system automatically stops cash benefits for ineligible persons for the month the counter would equal 61 (or more) if there is no exception or 3-month extension. They remain eligible for medical benefits and SNAP benefits. They are not eligible for GA.

If an application is filed for persons ineligible for TANF due to the time limit, the cash request is denied unless they qualify for an exception to the limit.

When a parent with 60 months or more moves into the home, handle the situation the same as if the person were in the case and they just reached 60 months.