WAG 03-06-03-c: System Entry of Counter

PM 03-06-03-c.


When you enter either a Social Security Number (SSN) or a Recipient Identification Number (RIN) in AIS for an adult age 18 or over in a TANF or Medical case, the system automatically accesses the TANF Tracking Inquiry System and prints a clearance.

The system assigns a counter of 00 if the person has not received countable TANF benefits in Illinois. If the person has received countable TANF benefits in Illinois, the system retrieves the most recent value of the counter and enters it on AIS Screen #7C, except when the person has more than one RIN on record. If the system finds that the person has more than one RIN, it does not display a value.

When the system displays a counter value on Screen #7C, do not make any entry on the screen unless you need to change the counter value. If the system does not display a value, determine and enter the correct value based on the printed clearance and all other available information.


ACM and IPACS do not automatically access the TANF Tracking Inquiry System. Manually access the system before adding an adult to a TANF or Medical case or transferring a case in from another county. Determine how many countable months of TANF the person has received. Enter the correct counter value when processing the add or transfer in action.

When a person is added to the same TANF or Medical case in which they have received assistance before, the system automatically enters the previous value of the TANF counter from the client database. If the person has not received assistance on the case before, the system enters zero. Enter the correct counter value if the system value is wrong.