WAG 03-06-03-b: TANF Tracking Inquiry System

PM 03-06-03-b.

The TANF Tracking Inquiry System is listed with the Food Stamp Work Requirement Tracking Inquiry on the IPACS INQUIRY SYSTEM menu under PF13/F13, FS WORK REQ AND TANF 60 MONTH INQUIRIES.

Manually access the TANF Tracking Inquiry System as follows. After pressing PF13/F13, enter the client's SSN or RIN, put an X after TANF 60 MONTH TRACKING INFO, and press Enter.

The TANF TRACKING INQUIRY SYSTEM screen appears. The inquiry shows the person's RIN, name, date of birth, and number of months (current counter value). It also lists the last effective month, case number, city, zip code, and SSN for each case in which the client received TANF in Illinois.