WAG 03-06-03: TANF Counter

PM 03-06-03.

Starting with 07/97, each adult age 18 or over in an 04 or 06 case has a 2-digit TANF counter in Item 60 of Form 552. The counter is labeled "C:" on Form 552 and "CNT:" on ACID Screen #3. Children do not have a TANF counter, even when they are age 18.

An adult age 18 or over who has never received countable cash benefits has a counter of 00. The counter advances by 1 for each countable regular roll month that the client receives TANF. When an exception or 3-month extension code is present, the client's counter will advance beyond 60. The criteria that stop the counter before reaching 61 do not stop it afterward, except zero grant status not due to recoupment or Work First. If the client's counter would increase to 61 or more and an exception or extension code is not present, the system automatically stops cash benefits for the ineligible person(s) at schedule closing.

The counter also appears on 94 and 96 cases, for information only. It does not advance on a Medical Only case.