WAG 03-06-00: TANF Cash 60-Month Limit

PM 03-06-00

Tell the client how many months of TANF have been counted at application, at REDE, when they ask, and when you correct the counter for any reason. When the client has not reached the end of month 60, explain the criteria for not counting a month and whether or not the client currently meets any of the criteria. Complete YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) for each adult age 18 or over whose time limit has not expired and give or send it to the client.

Time Limit Warning (Form 4634) is centrally mailed to the client when the counter reaches 48 and 54. Time Limit Exceptions (Form 4690) is centrally mailed when the highest counter in the case reaches 57. Give a Request for Exception (Form 4691) to persons requesting cash who have a counter of 57 or more, and explain exception policy.

Determine the current value of a client's TANF counter by checking ACID Screen 3 or the TANF Tracking Inquiry System. To determine whether or not the current month has been included in the count, remember that the counter increases at schedule cut-off for the effective month.