WAG 03-05-06: Person Under Age 19 Not Living With a Caretaker Relative (94R)

PM 03-05-06

When a person is under age 19 and does not live with a caretaker relative, they are eligible for All Kids Assist as a 94R. These cases have an R in the first position of the basic number.

Registering a 94R Application

To register a 94R application when AIS is unavailable, complete a blank Form 552 as follows:

Item 1 Enter the complete case identification number. The basic number includes the letter R plus 5 numbers. Enter the letter R in the first position of the basic number.
Item 2 Enter the 6-digit month, day, and year the application was received in the Family Community Resource Center.
Item 3 Enter the correct TA:
01 - New Application
02 - Reapplication
Items 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 Complete.

Approving a 94R Application

To authorize a 94R case, see WAG 17-02-04 for AIS or WAG 25-08-01-b for IPACS, with the following exceptions:

Item 14  Enter 00.
Item 33  Enter TAR 72.
Item 60 Enter any previously assigned RIN for each person included in the 94R case. Enter the SSN for each person, if available. Enter the last name immediately above the first name of the person included in the case.
Item 62 Enter 15, if codes 01-08 do not apply. See WAG 27-62-01.
Item 63 Enter 28, if there is no adult caretaker in the home.
Item 69 Enter 3.
Item 75 No entry required, but if available, enter SSN.

Form 157-C5 is sent to notify the payee that the case will be canceled for the month following the month the only child turns 19.

The notice is sent about 30 days before the effective month of the cancellation or deletion.

For procedures for determining whether a 94R case is Regular or Spenddown, see WAG 15-02-00.