WAG 03-05-03-b: Verifying

When using one of the listed sources to verify "living with", the case recording and/or item used must have:

  • the child's name and address,
  • the relative's name and address,
  • the signature of the person providing the item of proof, and
  • a phone number, address, or some other way to contact the person providing the proof.

NOTE: If a signed statement is used to verify "living with", the signed statement must be from an unrelated person. The document used to verify "living with" does not have to state that the child was actually seen by the person providing the statement.

Use the following items when verifying "living with".

Visual observation

Hospital, clinic, Health Department or private physician's records

Court support order

Juvenile court records

Landlord statement

Records or statements from voluntary social service agencies

Chicago Board of Education Crossmatch data or clearance (for persons living in City of Chicago)

School records

Statement from child care provider

Clergy Statement

Statement from neighbor or friend

DCFS referral form (DCFS child(ren) returned to the home of a close relative)

Head Start records (pre-school age children)

Hospital birth record or baby's birth certificate  (Newborns Only)

 NOTE: When using visual observation, the caseworker assigned to the case must clearly and completely document the observation in the case record.


  • Verification of School Attendance (Form 541 or Form 541CF)
  • Verification of Living With (Form 2540) (Use to verify "living with" when it is necessary to get a signed statement from one of the above sources)
  • DCFS Family Reunification Referral (CFS 301)
  • Record of Birth (Form 2636)(newborns only)