PM 03-04-03-a: Definition of Student of Higher Education

WAG 03-04-03-a.

A student of higher education is enrolled in:

  • a business, technical, trade, or vocational school that normally requires a high school diploma or the equivalent for enrollment in the course of study; or
  • regular courses, including internet, mail, self-study, or correspondence courses, at an accredited college or university that offers degree programs.

A course is considered a regular course if it would count toward a degree or certificate. The student does not have to be in a degree or certificate program.

A college or university student is not a student of higher education if they are only enrolled in a special program, such as English as a second language, Adult Basic Education, Literacy, GED, or community education courses.

A person's student status begins on the first day of the school term, and continues through normal periods of class attendance, vacations, and recesses until the student:

  • graduates; or
  • is expelled or suspended; or
  • drops out of school; or
  • does not intend to register for the next term, excluding summer school.