WAG 03-04-01: Age (AABD, HBIS)

PM 03-04-01

To authorize AABD or Revise textHBIS based on age, verify that the person is at least age 65.

A person meets the age 65 requirement on the day before their 65th birthday and is eligible for the entire calendar month in which age 65 is reached.

For example, a person whose 65th birthday is January 1 is considered age 65 on December 31 and meets the age requirement for AABD as of December 1.

If SSA finds that an SSI applicant is not age 65 or over, DHS accepts that finding and the person is not eligible for AABD Cash or Medical.

If SSA finds an AABD Cash or Medical applicant ineligible for SSI due to income, process the AABD application and verify the person's age.