0707-GA-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Job Placement (With Retention)

To be eligible for a contract, all grantees must complete the Pre-Qualification Process, Internal Controls Questionnaire, Programmatic Risk Assessment and Grant application. The Grant Application and Programmatic Risk Assessment are to be completed for every program/grant. See Grant Application Information and Instructions webpage for more detail.

At the time of application, all Bureau grantees must submit for each grant program the following documents:

The completed documents are to be emailed by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 to the Bureau email address Genae.Smith@illinois.gov with the subject line stating:

Last 4 digits of CSFA #0707

Provider Organization Name - For example, 0707  ABC Agency (List the Name of your Agency)

Note: Everything is being tracked by the CSFA number, so it is important that all required materials and correspondence contain this information.