0675-GA-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -SNAP Education

Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible for a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Education contract, applicant providers must have completed the five grantee pre-award requirements:

  1. Authentication
  2. Registration
  3. Pre-Qualification
  4. Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment (ICQ)
  5. Programmatic Risk Assessment

Details about these requirements and applicable links can be found on the Grant Application Information and Instruction webpage or the GATA website.


All applicants for SNAP Education funding, must submit the following documents electronically:

  1. SNAP Education Grant Application (pdf)
  2. SNAP Education Budget - completed in the Contractual Service Agreement (CSA) Tracking System  - CSA Budget and Registration Information


  1. All required SNAP Education application materials and correspondence must contain the CSFA number 0675.
    Please use in your Email subject line:
    Subject: 0675 State University Provider
  2. Email all materials to DHS.OFWContracting@illinois.gov.
  3. Due Date: May 22, 2021


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (217) 782-2166.