WAG 03-03-02: SSI and AABD Cash

PM 03-03-02

Verify receipt of SSI benefits using the State Online Query (SOLQ) system.

SOLQ is a system by which SSA provides direct online access to current Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Health Insurance (HIB) benefit data to the Department. See WAG 22-14-03-c for an explanation of SOLQ.

If SOLQ information does not confirm the client's statement, complete a State Data Exchange (SDX) inquiry.

See WAG 22-14-03-b for an explanation of SDX. If SDX confirms the client's statement, use SDX as proof of the client's SSI. If SOLQ and SDX agree but do not confirm the client's statement, verify receipt of SSI benefits by one of the following methods:

  • View the SSI check and record the date, Social Security Number (SSN), and amount on the correct AIS screen or Case Recording (Form 514);
  • View a completed Social Security Administration Referral (SSA-L-74) signed by SSA Personnel;
  • View other written documents from SSA.

File a copy of the form(s) used to verify SSI in the case record.

Noncitizens ineligible for SSI due to expiration of federal 7-year limit

Use SOLQ to verify that SSI is not being received. SSI Payment Status "N13" indicates that the person is in nonpay status because they are "not a citizen or eligible alien."

Use Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) to verify that the person is not a citizen, and entered the country at least 7 years ago as a Refugee, Asylee, Amerasian, Cuban/Haitian, new textor a Trafficking Victim, or the trafficking victim's relative.

A letter from the Social Security Administration notifying the noncitizen they are losing SSI due to the federal time limit is also acceptable verification of entry date and classification. 

The SAVE initial verification screen may return a status of 'Lawful Permanent Resident' for an individual who has been in the U.S. long enough to achieve LPR status. Amerasian immigrants automatically have LPR status. An additional 3-position field called COA, which stands for 'Class of Admission', is viewable on the SAVE screen. COA indicates the prior immigration entry classification before LPR status was achieved. Eligibility for SSI under SSA's 7-year limit is dependent on the original immigration entry classification, and is not affected by LPR status. The first 2 positions of COA are interpreted as follows:

RE - Refugee

AS - Asylee

AM - Amerasian

CH - Cuban/Haitian

HA - Haitian

HB - Haitian

 See WAG 03-01-05 for instructions on using SAVE.

new textSee WAG 03-01-02-d to verify status as trafficking victim.