PM 03-02-02: AABD Cash; AABD Medical; Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors (HBIS)

WAG 03-02-02

To get cash or medical due to age, blindness, or disability, a person must be an Illinois resident. The person does not have to live in Illinois for a set period of time or physically live in the state.

A person can temporarily live out of state and keep Illinois residency. To keep their residency a person must plan on coming back to Illinois after finishing their reason for leaving.

A person living in an out of state facility, if placed there by an Illinois agency, is an Illinois resident unless they:

  • maintain a house, apartment, or home in another state; or
  • voluntarily leave the out of state facility they were placed in and do not return to Illinois; or
  • qualify for a state supplemental payment as a resident of another state.

A person who moved directly into an Illinois facility from another state, is an Illinois resident unless the person was placed in the facility by another state.

A person placed in a facility by a state agency is a resident of the state that arranged for or made the placement. A "state agency" is any branch of state government or any private or federal government agency acting under contract for that state.

Any action by a state agency beyond giving information to a person, their family, or representative is arranging for or making a placement. The following acts by an agency are "giving information" and do not count as a state placement.

  • Providing information on:
    • the basics of another state's Medicaid program; or
    • the availability of health care services or facilities; or
  • Helping a person locate a facility in another state if that person can show their intent and independently decides to move. This includes paying a client's transportation costs once that person decides to move.