WAG 03-01-07-b: Statement of Receipt/ Non-receipt of Benefits

When a noncitizen requests a statement of receipt/non-receipt of benefits, take the following actions:

  1. Complete a Name File (ANQR) inquiry (see WAG 22-08-04) to determine if the person received benefits.
  2. If there is an ANQR match, complete an ACID inquiry (see WAG 22-08-01) and Recipient Ledger Inquiry (see WAG 22-08-05) to determine the amount of benefits.

    NOTE: Recipient Ledger information via computer is limited to the last 2-year period. To verify benefit information for more than 2 years, complete Request for Ledger Information (Form 158) (must have the person's case number), and send to:

    Business Services - Records Administration
    5010 Industrial Drive 
    Springfield, IL 62703 

    Telephone: (217) 786-6772
    Fax: (217) 786-0052

  3. Prepare a statement with the results of the inquiries that includes:
    • the program(s) client received benefits under,
    • dates of receipt of benefits,
    • type and amount of benefits received, and
    • copies of the supporting computer clearances.
  4. Have the Family Community Resource Center administrator sign the statement.
  5. Send the statement to the client or to the address the client provided.