Substance Use Prevention & Recovery Grant Information - FY 2022

The table below includes links to the Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), if applicable, Question & Answer (QA) information (if applicable), Grant Application (GA), and the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA).

For detailed information about the application requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

CSFA Number Grant Title NOFO Q&A GA PRA
444-26-1540 Illinois Youth Survey GA-1540 PRA-1540
444-26-1541 Substance Use Training and Technical Assistance GA-1541 PRA-1541
444-26-1543 Prevent Opioid/Prescription Drug Overdose-related Deaths GA-1543 PRA-1543
444-26-1544 Substance Use Prevention Program Evaluation GA-1544 PRA-1544
444-26-1551 Chicago Substance Use Prevention Services GA-1551 PRA-1551
444-26-1552 Substance Use Prevention Services GA-1552 PRA-1552
444-26-1553 State and Regional Substance Use Prevention Services GA-1553 PRA-1553
444-26-1565 Tobacco Enforcement Program GA-1565 Not applicable
444-26-1565-02 Tobacco Enforcement Program GA-1565-02 PRA-1565-02
444-26-1623 FDA Tobacco Compliance Program GA-1623 PRA-1623
444-26-2379 Illinois Education and Service Expansion for Substances GA-2379 PRA-2379
444-26-2386 Legislative Add On Prevention Partnership GA-2386 PRA-2386
444-26-2784 Strategic Prevention Framework Rx GA-2784 PRA-2784
444-26-0723 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - OMT GA-0723 PRA-0723
444-26-0724 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse- Global GA-0724 PRA-0724
444-26-0725 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - DCFS GA-0725 PRA-0725
444-26-0726 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse-VCD GA-0726 PRA-0726
444-26-0727 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse-CDS GA-0727 PRA-0727
444-26-0730 Gambling Disorder Services and/or Outreach (for existing Gambling Disorder Services Providers) GA-0730 PRA-0730
444-26-0730-1 Gambling Disorder Services Hotline and Website 22-444-26-0730-01 Notice of Funding Opportunity Gambling Disorder Services Hotline & Website QA-0730-01 GA-0730-01 PRA-0730-01
444-26-1567 DUI Basic Orientation Training GA-1567 PRA-1567
444-26-1603 Vouchered Contract Deliverable - Recovery Support Services GA-1603 PRA-1603
444-26-1693 Access to Medication Assisted Treatment Pilot Grants GA-1693 PRA-1693
444-26-1703 Recovery Oriented Systems of Care-Illinois Statewide Network (ROSC-ISN) Grant GA-1703 PRA-1703
444-26-1725 SOR - Access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) GA-1725 PRA-1725
444-26-1746 SOR - Service Enhancement for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with OUD GA-1746 PRA-1746
444-26-1747 SOR Hospital Screening and Warm Handoff GA-1747 PRA-1747
444-26-1755 Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant GA-1755 PRA-1755
444-26-1757 SOR FQHC Administered OUD Treatment Services GA-1757 PRA-1757
444-26-1760 Residential Stabilization Centers (RSC) GA-1760 PRA-1760
444-26-2007 Digital Recovery Support Toolkit - SOR GA-2007 PRA-2007
444-26-2046 SAMHSA - Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) GA-2046 PRA-2046
444-26-2101 SOR-Recovery Home Expansion GA-2101 PRA-2101
444-26-2103 SOR Oxford House GA-2103 PRA-2103
444-26-2425 Emergency COVID-19 GA-2425 PRA-2425
444-26-2482 Illinois Families in Recovery (PPW-PLT) GA-2482 PRA-2482
444-26-2486 Illinois State Opioid Response II (SOR2) GA-2486 PRA-2486
444-26-2786 NOFO Permanent Supportive Housing (Non-Competitive) 22-444-26-2786 Permanent Supportive Housing QA-2786 GA-2786 (pdf) PRA-2786