WAG 03-01-02-g: Person Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence

PM 03-01-02-g

  1. (Worker) Obtain the BCIS status and the date the status was obtained using one of the following items:
    • Alien Registration Receipt Card ( I-151 or I-551); or
    • Memorandum of Creation of Record of Lawful Permanent Residence (I-181a); or
    • Arrival-Departure Record (I-94).

      NOTE: If the person has been in the U.S. at least 5 years, but obtained their status as "lawfully admitted for permanent residence" less than 5 years ago, obtain documentation that they have resided in the U.S. for at least 5 years. This verification is separate from the verification of their current BCIS status. 

  2. (Worker) Verify BCIS status through SAVE.
  3. New text (Worker) Enter code 35 in Item 74 of Form 552.  If a child under age 19 and a legal permanent resident less than 5 years, enter code 38 in Item 74 of Form 552.
  4. New text(Worker) Enter Item 80 code 789 Five Year Bar (FYB) of Form 552 for each child who has been in lawful permanent resident status for less than 5 years.  Code 789 requires the child's Recipient Identification Number (RIN) and the 4 digit date of the month and year the child was admitted to the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident.
  5. New Text(System) When the current processing date is 5 years plus 1 month past the date in the Item 80 code 789, the system will centrally delete the 789 code and update Item 74 from code 38 to code 35.

New textExample: The M family entered the U.S. on 03/15/07. Both children, Child A and Child B are legal permanent residents. When the case is approved in AIS, the system enters two Item 80 codes 789; one for each child. Refer to the boxes below for sample Item 80 coding for these children.

Item 80 code 789 for Child A

RIN 000000001 Amt S No
789 FYB 0307 - -

Item 80 code 789 for Child B

RIN 000000002 Amt S No
789 FYB 0307 - -

When the system begins processing for April 2012 (5 years + one month from the date in Item 80), the system will update Item 74 for each child from code 38 to code 35 and delete the 789 codes from the case.