State Operated Developmental Center Visitation Status

At this time all State Operated Developmental Centers are open for visitation for all residents.

Visitors are encouraged to contact the Center before visiting for the latest updates concerning the status of the area they are visiting and the health of their resident. Visitation Coordinators, listed below for each Center, may also be contacted for further information.

Please visit the Policy and Procedure: Visitation Guidelines and the Transition / Home Visit Guidelines during COVID-19 for more information regarding State Operated Developmental Center Visitation Status. The IDPH website at may also be used as a resource.

Choate Center

Visitation Coordinators:

Tammy Johnson (primary):; (618) 202-6265

Lisa Stone (back-up):; (618) 202-6138

Fox Center

Visitation Coordinators

Charity McDonald (primary):; (779) 249-6237

Kathryn Posey (back-up):; (779) 249-6257

Kiley Center

Visitation Coordinators

Adnery Martinez (primary):; (847) 249-0157

Socorro Duran (back-up):; (847) 249-0157

Ludeman Center

Visitation Coordinators:

Crystal Weatherspoon (primary):; (708) 283-3123

Pamela Clay Wilson, LEVRAS Director (back-up):; (708) 283-3101

Mabley Center

Visitation Coordinators:

Tammy Noack (primary):; (815) 288-8385

Katherine Pierce (back-up):; (815) 288-8382

Murray Center

Visitation Coordinators:

Holly Shipley (primary):; (618) 352-6316

Kelly Hobbs (back-up):; (618) 352-6321

Angela Bargh (back-up):; (618) 352-6318

Shapiro Center

Visitation Coordinators:

Tasha Harwell (primary):; (815) 939-8646

Brandi Mullady (back-up):; (815) 939-8377