WAG 03-01-02-a: U.S. Citizen

PM 03-01-02-a

Revised TextFor persons receiving medical benefits see WAG 03-01-01-b and WAG 03-01-01-c for citizenship and identity documentation requirements.

Revised TextFor all other programs, verification of US Citizenship is completed through the FDSH in IES when information about the individual is entered on the Individual Demographics page in IES. the SSN, Name and Date of Birth are used to valid the claim of citizenship.

Revised TextWhen a citizenship cannot be verified, the following documents can be used to verify citizenship. Any documented presented must be uploaded in IES to the ECR

Revised TextFor individuals born inside the US:

  • Birth Certificate showing birth in US

Revised TextFor individuals born outside the US who indicate they are a US citizen, but cannot be verified in the FDSH, use one of the following documents to verify citizenship:

  • US Passport, Valid and Unexpired;
  • USCIS Form N-550, Certificate of Naturalization
  • USCIS Form N-560, Certificate of Citizenship
  • US Department of State Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad of United States Citizen