WAG 03-01-02-a: U.S. Citizen

PM 03-01-02-a

For persons receiving medical benefits under Family Health Plans, TANF, and AABDtext deleted see WAG 03-01-01-b and WAG 03-01-01-c for citizenship and identity documentation requirements.

For all other programs, proof of citizenship is not needed for persons born in the U.S. For persons born outside the U.S. who claim to be U.S. citizens use one of the following items to verify citizenship:

  • U.S. Passport, or
  • Certificate of Citizenship, or
  • INS I-197, U.S. Citizen Resident's Card, or
  • Naturalization Certificate, or
  • INS I-179, U.S. Citizen Identity Card, or
  • U.S. Military Discharge Papers showing U.S. Citizenship, or
  • Consular Report of Birth plus proof of identity such as Medical Records, School Records, or a third party statement, or
  • Consular Certificate of Birth plus proof of identity, or
  • Birth certificates of the person and their parent(s) showing relationship and proof that at least one parent was born in the U.S.

    The receipt of SSI is proof that citizenship requirements are met for all medical and cash programs. No other proof is needed. 

For all programs enter the appropriate citizenship code in Item 74 of Form 552 (see WAG 27-74-00).