WAG 03-01-02: Meeting Citizen/USCIS Status (All Programs Except SNAP)

PM 03-01-02

For all cash programs, if a person is born outside of the U.S. verify whether the person is:

  • a U.S. citizen, or
  • a noncitizen living in the U.S.

For all medical programs, primary level (see WAG 03-01-01-b) of verification of citizenship is required for a U.S. citizen born outside the U.S.

For all programs, verify the specific type of  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) status that a noncitizen has.

USCIS documents are the primary source of a noncitizen's status. But a noncitizen who does not have proper USCIS documents can provide other documentation of their USCIS status. Verify the status through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) (see WAG 03-01-05).

See WAG 25-02-01 for a chart of the eligible USCIS statuses by program.

Non-Citizen Details Confirmation

Revised Manual TextIn IES a pop up box will be displayed on the Non-Citizens Details page when the worker attempts to save a record for an individual and the record meets the following criteria:

  • The "Confirm" check box has not already been checked for the case/individual combination since the last case certification;
  • The Individual has a Non-Citizen Admission Status of "Undocumented" selected on the Non-Citizen Details page; and
  • The Individual has an SSN entered on the Individual Information page or an Alien Registration Number currently entered on the Non-Citizens Details page.

Additional Details

  • The pop up will not prevent the worker from progressing in IES if the "Confirm" check box is not checked.
  • Clicking the "Cancel" button or the "X" button in the pop up box will cause the pop up box to close but will not save the worker's confirmation, even if the "Confirm" check box is checked.
  • Confirmation will be saved when the "Confirm" check box is checked and the "Submit" button is clicked.
  •  The pop up box will remain open if  "Submit" button is clicked without checking the "Confirm" box and the following hard-stop message will display: "Information cannot be submitted without selecting the Confirm check box. Please select the Confirm check box and click Submit again, or click Cancel if undocumented non-citizen has not been reviewed." 

Non-Citizen Details Screen Scenarios

Non-Citizen Details Scenario Result
The worker clicks Save + Continue and the pop up box appears. The worker clicks Cancel in the pop up box and updates the non-citizen's admission status to "Documented." The pop up box will not appear again because the individual's admission status has been changed to "Documented."
The worker clicks Save + Continue and the pop up box appears. The worker checks the "Confirm" check box and clicks "Submit" without changing any information on the Non-Citizen Details page. Worker will be able to progress through IES and certify the case without the pop up box appearing. After case certification the pop up box will potentially appear again with next case action.

For all programs, verify citizenship if the person was born outside the U.S., even if they say they are a U.S. citizen. The different types of USCIS statuses are as follows: