PM 02-09-02: Start Date of Activities

WAG 02-09-02

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Work, Training and Education Activities

30-Day Deferral of Countable Activities

Countable Work, Training and Education activities may not begin sooner than 30 days after the date of application.

Do not deny an application due to noncompliance with a Countable activity unless meeting criteria for a "revolving door" exception to the 30-day deferral of Countable activities. See PM 03-13-01.  

If criteria for a revolving door exception are met, the applicant must show cooperation before a subsequent TANF approval. In most cases, this means doing the thing the person failed to do which caused them to lose TANF. If this is not possible, include something else in the RSP that the person can do to show they are cooperating. If the person fails to cooperate with completion of the activity, determine the reason they failed. If they had good cause (See PM 03-13-03), do not deny the application. Make a note of the good cause reason and approve TANF as though the person had cooperated. Intensify efforts to engage the client in following through on their RSP once the application has been approved. If the person fails to cooperate without good cause, deny the application.

Teen Parents

Treat school attendance or cooperation with a Teen Parent Services referral as a voluntary activity during the 30-day deferral. Encourage, but do not deny TANF for a teen parent who does not attend school or cooperate with a TPS appointment during the 30-day deferral period, unless the teen meets criteria for a "revolving door" exception to the 30-day deferral. Intensify efforts to ensure engagement as soon as the application is approved.  

Support Activities

Support Activities (PM 21-04-00) may commence as soon as the application has been approved and the RSP has been signed.  

Note: See PM 17-01-01 for time limits for processing applications.