Interagency Working Group on Poverty and Economic Security meeting


Interagency Working Group on Poverty and Economic Security

January 14, 2020



Meeting Link:

Meeting Number: 133 502 9225

Meeting Password: imSJHG2nS63


  • Illinois Department of Human Services- Chairperson, Secretary Grace Hou
  • Illinois Department of Labor - Director Michael D. Kleinik
  • Illinois State Board of Education - State Superintendent Carmen Ayala
  • Illinois Department of Public Health- Assistant Director Amaal V.E. Tokars
  • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity - Deputy Director Office of Policy Development, Planning & Research Jason Horwitz
  • Illinois Department of Aging - Director Paula A. Basta, M.Div.
  • Illinois Department of Corrections - Chief of Women and Family Services Tangenise Porter
  • Illinois Department of Agriculture - Deputy Director Kristi Jones
  • Illinois Governor's Office of Management and Budget - Deputy Director Marc Staley
  • Invited Members:
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security - Labor Market Information Director George W. Putnam
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority - Special Initiatives Manager Megan Spitz


  • Illinois Governor's Office - Deputy Governor Sol Flores
  • Heartland Alliance - Legislative Advocacy Director Kimberley Drew
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository - State Engagement and Policy Innovation Lead Colleen Burns
  • University of Chicago Poverty Lab - Executive Director Carmelo Barbaro
  • University of Chicago Poverty Lab - Senior Portfolio Manager Misuzu Schexnider


  1. Introductions/Opening Discussion (20 mins)
    1. Name
    2. Department
    3. Faces of Poverty
      What would you like to take away or learn from our experience working together as a part of the Interagency Working Group on Poverty?
  2. Public Comment (5 mins)
  3. Update on Poverty Commission (10 mins)
    1. Poverty Commission Update - First Meeting
    2. Timeline
    3. Next Steps
  4. Staff Level Policy Working Group Update (10 mins)
    1. EITC Project
    2. Financial Literacy/Asset Building
    3. Collaboration - Hunger Commission
  5. Eviction Support Package Overview (20 mins)
    1. Discussion/Questions/Suggestions
  6. Overview of Interim Report (10 mins)
  7. Planning Discussion - Break Out Session (40 mins)
    Question: How should the Poverty Commission go about achieving the recommendations below? What tactics do you suggest towards achieving these recommendations? Are there any considerations that were missed in the IWPES initial recommendations?
    1. Embrace an Equity Lens and Confront Systemic Racism and Institutional Discrimination
    2. Address Economic Exclusion and Ensure Poverty Reduction Strategies are Accessible and Equitable
    3. Build Infrastructure to Measure the Impact of Discriminatory Institutions, Track the Success of Poverty Interventions, and Identify Promising New Strategies
    4. Engage in Collaborative Solutions Across Public and Private Sectors
  8. Next Steps/Next Meeting (5 mins)