PM 02-08-02-a: Interview

WAG 02-08-02-a.

An applicant who qualifies for expedited services must be interviewed the day of application or the next workday.

  • When an application is submitted electronically, mailed in or faxed, and the applicant qualifies for expedited service, call the applicant and conduct a telephone interview.
  • revised manual materialIf two cold calls are attempted and unsuccessful, workers may leave a voicemail during the second cold call, scheduling the expedited interview in Integrated Eligibility System (IES) scheduling module, and providing the date and time of the interview on the voicemail.
  • revised manual materialAfter the expedited interview has been scheduled, the worker is required to include a comment indicating a voicemail was left for the applicant with the date and time of the scheduled interview.
  • new manual textAn appointment notice will not be needed if an expedited interview has been scheduled and voicemail was left with date and time of scheduled interview.
  • If the applicant cannot be reached within two cold calls, and a voicemail could not be left, or the applicant gives up the right to expedited service, schedule interview using regular 14-day processing timeframes. revised manual textIf during the interview the applicant still qualifies for expedited services, begin expedited processing timeframes.
  • If during a regular eligibility interview it is learned that the applicant qualifies for expedited service, SNAP benefits must be made available to the eligible household no later than the close of business on the 5th calendar day of the date it becomes known to the Family Community Resource Center that the household qualified for expedited service.  See PM 02-08-02-b. 
  • Applicants should not be asked to provide verifications until after the interview is held and everything that is required to determine eligibility has been identified.  See PM 02-08-03.