PM 02-07-03-d: Residence

WAG 02-07-03-d

revised textResidence must be verified for all SNAP applicants, except for persons in unusual situations where verification cannot be reasonably made. Examples of SNAP units which might qualify for exemption from verification of residence are migrant workers, homeless persons, and persons who are new to the area.

revised text

Do not deny benefits if the applicant does not have a place to live. If the applicant does not have a mailing address, ask them to try to get one. Suggest possibilities for a mailing address, such as a friend, community agency, church, mission, etc.

If an applicant is not able to get a mailing address, use the local office address. Stress to the applicant the importance of regularly picking up mail. Make sure they know that failure to pick up mail regularly might cause them to miss an important notice and that this could affect eligibility.