PM 02-07-01: Clearances

WAG 02-07-01

IES System

The Clearance Results page displays the most current results of all clearances for individuals on an application or case. The Clearance Results page displays in Application Registration as well as Data Collection. The Clearance Results page displays after the Program Request - Summary page during Data Collection and after the Individual-Summary page in Application Registration. The Name drop down list allows the worker to choose which individual on the case to run or view clearances for. All clearances results are displayed for each individual with a Social Security Number (SSN) and can be updated by clicking Retrigger Clearances at the top of the page. Clearances may also be viewed or triggered from the Data Exchanges page by entering the client's SSN. The Data Exchanges page offers the worker to view current or historical clearance results.

Clearances do not always replace the need to verify information. Instead, they are the first place to check to verify information. If the appropriate information cannot be verified using Electronic Clearances continue to use other sources. For example: if identity cannot be verified through the SSA or SOLQ, a driver's license can be used. All clearances are automatically run, in the background, once the Individual Household page is saved. Clearances can also be manually triggered on individual pages during Data Collection. Review clearances for information that might affect the programs a person qualifies for and their benefit amount. Scan and upload all manual clearances, except the Work Number, to the Electronic Case Record (ECR), even if they provide no information. See PM 22-08-00 for a description of these clearances.

Note: Each clearance can only be run once a day. If a clearance is triggered twice in the same day, the original information displays.

AWVS, and SOLQ are required for all applicants. For all adult AABD cash applicants, an ARS clearance is required. Revised textAn AVS search is required to be completed for specified AABD applicants at application and redetermination. See PM 02-07-03-n for a list of AABD clients that require an AVS search to be completed.

Legacy System

ANQR, ACID, AWVS, and SOLQ are required for all applicants. For all adult AABD cash applicants, an ARS clearance is required. A Secretary of State (SoS) residency clearance is required for all payees and adult requestors (age 19 year and older) who have a SSN number. An ASVI clearance is required for each person who is not a U.S. citizen and who provides an Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or Admission (I-94) Number. A Chicago Student Online Inquiry (CSOC) is produced for applicants who reside in Chicago and are between the ages of 5 and 18. A TPL clearance is required for each case number found as a result of an ACID match.

For medical benefits applicants who report to be a U.S. citizen and have an SSN, complete an SSA citizenship inquiry instead of requesting that they present proof of citizenship during the application process. See PM 22-14-03-e for information about how to complete the citizenship query via the SSA WTPY system.