WAG 02-06-01-e: Client Information

(EW) Provide the following information to the applicant.

  1. (EW) Describe the medical reports or exams needed to prove blindness or disability, medical barrier for work, or the need for long term care.

    When a child under 21 currently lives in a county other than the county in which the application is filed: 

    • The FCRC where the application is filed (usually the parents' county of residence) contacts the FCRC serving the county in which the child currently lives.

      NOTE: If the child is in a hospital or a long term care facility, the county in which the hospital or facility is located is the county in which the child currently lives. 

    • The FCRC serving the county where the child currently lives:
      • Determine disability, if applicable. The medical provider completes Medical Evaluation - Physician's Report (Form 183A) and the worker completes Medical Evaluation - Social Information (Form 183B).

        Placement may or may not be where the child currently lives. If the child lives in a nonapproved facility, the application may be approved at the time placement is made in an approved facility, provided all other eligibility factors are met.

      • Forward Form 183A, Form 183B, and proof of the child's need for care to the FCRC where the application was filed.
  2. (EW) For TANF, explain the Work and Training Activities participation requirements. For SNAP, explain the policy regarding registration with Job Service (see PM 21-06-03). text deleted
  3. (EW) Explain the Healthy Kids program (see PM 20-21-00).
  4. (EW) Explain the assignment of medical support rights (see PM 03-19-00), TPL (see PM 23-08-00), and the Department's right to be reimbursed by a third party resource for medical bills which they should have paid.
  5. (EW) If a family member has a high cost medical condition and health insurance is available to them, explain the HIPP Program (see PM 23-08-01). Give them HIPP Information Sheet (Form 3459) and help them complete Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Referral (Form 3459B).
  6. (EW) If the application is for medical assistance, and income is in excess of the income standard (or for pregnant woman and persons under 19 over the MANG(P) Standard), or for AABD Medical if income and/or assets are in excess of the asset limits, explain spenddown (see PM 15-08-00).
  7. (EW) Explain the Child Support Enforcement Program and the client's responsibility to cooperate. Explain the Department's rights to any support paid by an absent parent in behalf of their children who receive assistance (see PM 24-01-04). Ask the client to sign Form 1260A.
  8. (EW) If the case is required to be in Earned Income Redetermination status, explain the requirements and give the client Earned Income Redetermination Fact Sheet (Form 4769).
  9. (EW) If a person in the SNAP unit has to meet the work requirement, explain the SNAP work requirement and issue SNAP Work Requirement Fact Sheet (Form 3674). If they indicate that they now do or want to do volunteer community work, issue Volunteer Community Work Information (Form 3673) and explain use of the form.
  10. (EW) If the applicant is working and has child care costs, explain the child care program. Tell the client of the verification required (see PM 06-16-05).
  11. (EW) Explain the applicant's responsibility to provide sufficient information to enable the FCRC to locate them, such as:
    • the name, address, and home number of the landlord, a relative, a friend, a neighbor or other person through whom the applicant can be located;
    • if the current residence is considered temporary, how long they think they'll be there; and
    • exact directions to their current address or anticipated address.

      Tell the applicant that if the Department cannot locate them, assistance is denied/canceled.

  12. (EW) Immediately upon learning that an AABD applicant has no shelter, tell them:
    • that when all eligibility factors have been verified and they are found eligible, a disbursing order may be issued to obtain shelter; and
    • of any known place(s) that accept disbursing orders for shelter.
    1. Applicant reports that shelter has been found and a disbursing order is necessary.
      • (EW) Issue the disbursing order immediately, if all eligibility factors have been verified, but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first workday after the date of the request.
      • (EW) Tell the client to return any disbursing order refused by a vendor so another may be issued.
  13. (LOA/Designee) Phones the out-of-state welfare department to determine the effective date of cancellation and the exact amount of the assistance payment from the other state, when an applicant receives assistance from another state. Confirm the phone call in writing.
  14. (EW) Explain direct deposit to cash applicants. If the applicant wants direct deposit:
    • Enter the case name, address, and case ID number on Authorization for Direct Deposit of Assistance Warrant (Form 2493).
    • Give the applicant Form 2493.
    • (Applicant) Completes and signs Section A of Form 2493 and takes the form to the bank, savings and loan, or credit union. If approval is given, the bank, savings and loan, or credit union completes Section B of Form 2493 and sends the completed and signed Form 2493 to Springfield for processing.

      Notice of Direct Deposit (Form 2501), mailed centrally, informs the client of the month and year direct deposit begins. 

  15. (EW) Explain the Illinois Link System to cash and SNAP applicants.
  16. (EW) Explain the policy about provision of a MediPlan card (see PM 17-02-02).
    1. If the assistance unit contains 9 or more persons, explain that families of 9 or more may be issued 2 monthly MediPlan cards if all eligible family members cannot be included on one card. The 2nd card is mailed at the same time as the first. It is mailed in a separate envelope and includes the names of the persons not included on the first card.
  17. (EW) Explain the policy about responsibility to report changes within 10 days (see PM 01-02-02).
  18. (EW) Explain the policy about confidentiality of case records (see PM 01-01-04).
  19. (EW) Explain the policy about use of SSNs (see PM 03-11-01).