DDD Communication - Tier 3, November 17, 2020

Dear DD Community,

Today, Governor Pritzker announced that we're moving into Tier 3 mitigations to combat the uptick in cases of COVID-19 across the state. We understand that this is disconcerting news and many individuals, their families and providers will have questions. As always, the Division is here to support you.

Residential Services

We want to thank the broad range of residential providers supporting individuals with I/DD in residential settings. Our waiver funded residential providers should complete the Planning Guidance and Documentation Requirements for Residential Providers with a Positive COVID-19 Case as well as follow Updated Suggested COVID-19 Guidance for Small Congregate Settings.  Intermediate Care Facilities for I/DD should continue to follow Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) LTC Reopening Guidance.

Community Day Services

Community Day Services providers that choose to remain open during the Tier 3 mitigations should continue to follow the IDHS-DDD CDS Operations Under COVID-19 Information Bulletin and utilize the Illinois Risk Benefit Discussion Tool. As always, we encourage individuals with I/DD, their families and our providers to make decisions that take into account individual health and safety, as well as support needs. However, community-based guidance is different than guidance for our LTC facilities, which specifically, and exclusively, impacts ICF/DDs. ICF/DD are not able to attend CDS programs during mitigation. CDS providers are able to send staff to an ICF/DD to provide CDS.

Virtual & Remote Supports

Last week we issued guidance to providers on ancillary and support services that can be provided virtually. Please review on our Information Bulletin webpage.

PPE Needs

We understand that PPE has, and continues to be a need, for our providers. In the coming days, we will be releasing a new process and purveyor of needed PPE for our community providers.

Business Interruption Grants

We understand that many of our providers are experiencing significant challenges in operating under COVID-19. The Business Interruption Grant (BIG) program is a program developed by Governor Pritzker and the Illinois General Assembly to provide economic relief for small businesses hit hardest by COVID-19. BIG leverages federal funding provided by the CARES Act to help offset COVID-19 related losses for Illinois small businesses.

Additional Resources

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help during this transition. And thank you for all you are doing, and will continue to do, during this time. We're here to help.


Allison Stark

Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities