December 2020 Report

The 2020 Census Office report for December 2020 includes updates regarding: COVID-19, 2020 Census outcomes, U.S. Census Bureau next steps, delivering data, Illinois Census Office next steps and grant allocations and disbursements.

COVID-19: Please visit for the most current information.

2020 Census Outcomes: The key measurable for the Census program was the self-response rate. Our goal was to achieve the highest self-response rate possible in 2020. By October 15, 2020 when the enumeration process ended, Illinois achieved a self-response rate of 71.4%, surpassing the State's 2010 response rate of 70.5% despite the access and outreach challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our success can also be measured also by comparing Illinois to other states.

Census Self-Response Rate - October 27, 2020

Ranking Self-response rate Top ten states with high Self-response rate 2019 Population Estimates Ranking Self-response rate Top ten most populous states 2019 Population Estimates
1 75.1% Minnesota 5,639,632 1 71.4% Illinois 12,671,821
2 72.4% Washington 7,614,893 2 71.3% Michigan 9,986,857
3 72.2% Wisconsin 5,822,434 3 70.7% Ohio 11,689,100
4 71.9% Nebraska 1,934,408 4 69.6% Pennsylvania 12,801,989
5 71.5% Iowa 3,155,070 5 69.6% California 39,512,223
6 71.5% Virginia 8,535,519 6 63.8% Florida 21,477,737
7 71.4% Illinois 12,671,821 7 64.2% New York 19,453,561
8 71.3% Michigan 9,986,857 8 63.4% North Carolina 10,488,084
9 71.2% Maryland 6,045,680 9 62.9% Georgia 10,617,423
10 70.9% Utah 3,205,958 10 62.8% Texas 28,995,881

Illinois was 1st in the nation among the top ten most populous states for Census self-response.

Among the ten states with the nation's highest self-response rates:

  • Illinois ranks 7th overall,
  • Illinois is the most populous state with a highly diverse population, and
  • Illinois is the only state with a city of over two million people.

U.S. Census Bureau Next Steps: The 2020 Census concluded on October 15, 2020. Afterwards and over the next few months the U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) statisticians and data quality experts will make sure that the hundreds of millions of people counted in the 2020 Census are counted only once and at the correct address.

Delivering the Data: The USCB has acknowledged that under current federal law, census apportionment data is to be delivered to the President by December 31, 2020. However, because of the various dates changes and delays due to COVID-19 and civil unrest, the USCB may not be able to conclude quality control of the 2020 Census data to meet that deadline but will deliver the data as close to December 31st as possible. Please see the timetable for the next steps of the 2020 Census below:

Timetable for apportionment

  • December 31, 2020 - The Secretary of Commerce delivers the apportionment population count to the President.
  • First week of January 2021 - Within one week, the President must report to the Clerk of the House of Representatives the apportionment counts for each state and the number of representatives to which each state is entitled.
  • Third week of January 2021 - Within 15 days of receiving the apportionment counts from the President, the Clerk of the House of Representatives must inform each state governor of the number of representatives to which each state is entitled.
  • April 1, 2021 - The Census Bureau releases comprehensive block-level census totals to the states. This is the data that contains the level of detail necessary for new districts and maps.

Illinois 2020 Census Office Next Steps: The Census Office is in the process of closing out the 2020 Census program which entails various steps, including but not limited to:

  • receiving and reviewing grantees' final program and fiscal reports;
  • convening grantees to gather lessons learned and feedback to apply to future projects;
  • grantee and vendor contract close out and financial reconciliation;
  • drafting and editing of final FY 20 and FY21 Census program reports;
  • drafting of the final fiscal report for the overall program operations;
  • archiving of Census office files for audit preparation;
  • conducting the final Census Advisory Panel meeting on December 18, 2020; and
  • applying lessons learned to IDHS programs involving community work and hard-to-reach populations.

Grant allocation and distribution:

Regional Intermediary Amount Amount Paid
Illinois Primary Health Care Association $235,294 $205,125.65
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $54,118 $46,049.50
Community Assistance Programs $470,588 $405,909.25
Habilitative Systems Inc $1,419,853 $935,491.24
Illinois Action for Children $550,875 $384,276.79
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $1,082,353 $526,623.05
Pilsen Little Village $79,412 $23,956.44
Puerto Rican Cultural Center $101,176 $85,043.05
Rincon Family Services $616,471 $537,908.27
YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago $700,530 $600,358.68
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $94,118 $88,535.31
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $352,941 $275,658.97
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $141,176 $122,960.67
Reaching Across Library Systems $254,540 $179,455.34
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago $92,715.29 $88,502.93
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $70,588 $59,199.19
Tri-County Regional Planning $235,294 $225,667.82
Champaign Urbana Public Health District $327,059 $101,005.91
Region 1 Planning Council $432,941 $275,091.30
Illinois Public Health Association $223,529 $182,974.80
Clay County Health Department $224,588 $208,023.38
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $27,059 $24,225.00
Illinois Public Health Association $401,792 $316,344.62
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $155,294 $140,649.93
Teens Against Killing Everywhere $155,294 $142,782.20
Illinois Action for Children $341,946 $269,525.76
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $352,941 $252,765.17
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $470,588 $208,099.61
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $470,588 $320,743.74
Western Illinois Regional Council $141,176 $90,172.03
TOTAL $10,276,837.29 $7,323,125.60
Census Data, Research, GIS Visualization
and Regional Intermediary Coordination
Amount Amount Paid
University of Illinois at Chicago $398,444 $167,359.30
TOTAL $398,444 $167,359.30
Appropriation Amount Obligated Amount Amount Paid
$14,500,000 $14,500,000 $7,490,484.90