WAG 02-06-01-a: Front Door Financial Help For Applicants (TANF)

PM 02-06-01-a.

Use Referral Form (Form 2151) to connect applicants to the community partner.

When making the referral, state in the Comments section of Form 2151:

  • why the referral is being made (i.e., which of the reasons for authorizing Front Door help applies to the applicant),
  • the specific need the client has (e.g., car needs new radiator, applicant needs a nurse's uniform, etc.), and
  • the amount of payment to be authorized.

Use supportive service policy (PM 21-05) as a general guideline for determining how much and for what purposes a payment is to be made.

Form 2151 must be signed by the caseworker and then, as a second party review, approved and signed by the FCRC Administrator or designee. Their signature or initials are to go on Form 2151. Send the completed Form 2151 to the Front Door Community Partner.

The Front Door Community Partner returns Form 2151 to the FCRC indicating the action taken and the amount of payment authorized.

Front Door Community Partners are required to submit a monthly report of their expenditures to the Bureau of Program Support and Fiscal Management. A copy of each Form 2151 with documentation of the expense must be attached to the report.