WAG 02-05-12-a: Sheridan Re-entry Team Responsibilities

The Sheridan Re-Entry Team consists of staff of Sheridan Correctional Center and private agency drug rehabilitation professionals who work with inmates approaching release to connect them with supports in the community. The Re-entry Team assists inmates in applying for cash, medical, and SNAP benefits at the appropriate FCRC as follows:

  1. Gives them Form 2378B (Request for Cash Assistance - Medical Assistance - SNAP benefits) and Form 4122 (Information for Persons Released from Correctional Facilities). Staff help the inmate complete the application as needed.

    NOTE: If a person only wants medical benefits, they can complete Form 2378H, Mail-In Application for Medical Benefits.

  2. Completes the Verification Checklist for Released Inmate (Form 4120).
  3. Assures that every released inmate has an ID card, preferably a photo ID.
  4. Arranges for registration with Employment Security for those inmates not going to a job upon release.
  5. Arranges with the Social Security Administration to restart benefits, for those persons who were receiving SSI or SSA benefits before incarceration.
  6. Provides medical records with the application packet to help DHS determine employability, or if needed, disability.
  7. Provides the inmate's criminal record, to assist in determining if the person had been involved with drug trafficking activities, which may affect eligibility for cash and SNAP benefits (see PM 03-23 and PM 03-06-03).
  8. Sends the application packet (Form 2378B or 2378H and Form 4120) to the attention of the Intake Administrator at the DHS FCRC serving the person's new address. The packet is to be sent no later than 10 days before the release date.
  9. Calls the FCRC the day before the release date to confirm the release date.