WAG 02-05-10: Applying for Medicaid at Outstation Sites

Outstation sites provide the All Kids Application (Form 2378MC) to pregnant women and children under age 19.

(All Kids Unit) Upon receipt of a completed All Kids Application from an outstation site, take the following actions:

  1. (All Kids Unit) Date stamp the All Kids Application form.
  2. (All Kids Unit) Complete the mail-in screening procedures of the Intake Process. Enter the 9 or 12-digit provider number from the application from the "Provider Use Only" section on the front page.

    A Yes response to the question "Is this a All Kids Application on Form 2378MC" requires entry of the provider number. When registering the application, the system determines if the provider is approved. If the provider number is valid, the application is tagged as a Form 2378MC application.

    When the provider number is invalid, a message "MC Provider Number Invalid" is displayed. Review the provider number entered. If correct, register and process the application as a Form 2378KC application. 

  3. (All Kids Unit)  Use the date signed by the applicant as the application date.
  4. (All Kids Unit)  Review the clearances to determine if the applicant has a pending or active case.
  5. (FCRC) Register the All Kids Application as a mail-in on the same day it is received for an applicant who is not in the system. The date signed by the applicant is the application date.
  6. (FCRC) For an applicant with an active case (including spenddown), send the outstation site Notice to Provider Regarding Application Received (Form 458B), as notification of the active case.
    1. (FCRC) In Cook County, if the active case is at another Family Community Resource Center, forward the application and a copy of the provider notice to the Family Community Resource Center which has the active case.
    2. (All Kids Unit) The receiving office reviews the application to make sure the medical coverage for the outpatient services is provided if the applicant is eligible.
    3. (All Kids Unit) Advise the outstation site, in writing, of the disposition of the application and the dates of medical coverage.
  7. (All Kids Unit) When the applicant has both a pending All Kids Application and a hospital application, process each application separately. If both applications are approved, combine them after approval.
    1. (All Kids Unit) A pending All Kids application appears on the ACID file as Pending MCH and on the Pending Application Report as M4 or M6.
  8. (All Kids Unit) Complete and send:
    • Instructions to Applicant (Form 267E) for any required verifications that have not been received and information needed to determine eligibility. If necessary to follow-up on Form 267E, contact the applicant by telephone or send a 2nd Form 267E.
    • Appropriate pamphlets.
  9. (All Kids Unit) Approve or deny the All Kids Application, as follows:
    • Approve the eligible persons and deny the ineligible persons.
    • Deny the application if the applicant is not eligible for any All Kids program.
  10. (All Kids Unit) Notify the applicant of the approval or denial action. Send a copy of Form 360C or 360L to the outstation site.
  11. (FCRC) If a pregnant woman applies for cash benefits at a DHS Family Community Resource Center while their application is pending at the All Kids Unit, request the All Kids Unit to transfer the application to the DHS Family Community Resource Center for processing.