PM 02-05-04-c: Denying PE Coverage

WAG 02-05-04-c.

IES Phase 2 Process

Deny CPE coverage to a child in the following circumstances:

  • Declared income is above revised text209% of the FPL;
  • Applicant failed to declare the dollar amount of the family income;
  • new text Applicant failed to declare Illinois residency;
  • revised text Applicant failed to declare the child's U.S. citizenship or satisfactory immigration status (U.S. citizenship and immigration statuses listed in PM 03-01-02 subsections a-j are satisfactory.  Immigration status listed in PM 03-01-02-k is not satisfactory); or
  • Presumptive eligibility (including MPE) was received within the last 12 months.

Legacy Process

Deny PE coverage to a child if declared income is above 209% of the FPL, PE was received within the last 12 months, or it is known that immigration status is not met.