WAG 02-05-02-b: Applications Processed by Hospital Assistance Service (HAS)

HAS processes applications for medical assistance received from Cook County hospitals for patients who are Cook County residents. Clients who come to the HAS office to apply, are told to go to the full service FCRC that serves their address.

  1. (HAS) Receive application filed at a Cook County hospital.
  2. (HAS) Review the hospital application to determine if it includes an applicant who has an active or pending cash, medical, QMB Only, or SLIB Only case at another office.
    1. (HAS) If the application includes a person who has an active or pending cash or medical case, or an active QMB Only, or SLIB Only case at another office, do the following:
      • notify the hospital, in writing, of the pending or active case; and
      • send the application and a copy of the notice to the hospital to the FCRC that has the pending or active case.
        NOTE: If the hospital application includes a person who has a pending QMB Only, or SLIB Only application at another FCRC, follow the special procedures for pending QMB/SLIB applications. 
    2. (Receiving FCRC) Review the hospital application for the following:
      • make sure that the hospitalization period is covered by the medical eligibility period if the client is eligible; or
      • does the medical information in the application indicate potential eligibility for AABD or TANF.
  3. (HAS) Determine eligibility and dispose of the hospital application.
  4. (HAS) Notify the hospital, in writing, of the decision, and the dates of medical coverage.
  5. (HAS) Transfer the approved Medical application to the FCRC serving the client's address.

Hospital Application With a Pending QMB/SLIB Only Application at Another FCRC

(HAS) If a hospital application is received for a person who has a pending QMB/SLIB Only application in another FCRC, take the following actions:

  1. (HAS) Contact the FCRC with the pending application and request that they approve or deny their QMB/SLIB Only application. Request that they notify HAS of their final action.
  2. (FCRC) Approve or deny the QMB/SLIB Only application.

    If the application is approved, immediately cancel the QMB/SLIB Only case. Cancel the case using TA 22/TAR 95, which provides a 3-month extension of QMB/SLIB benefits beginning with the effective month of cancellation.

    NOTE: Do not code Item 77. Do not send a cancellation notice. 
  3. (FCRC) Notify HAS of the denial date or month of cancellation. HAS cannot register the hospital application until the QMB/SLIB Only application is denied or the case canceled.
  4. (HAS) Register the hospital application and determine eligibility for QMB/SLIB benefits.
  5. (HAS) Notify the applicant and hospital of the final decision.