WAG 02-04-06-b: SNAP Applications Taken by SSA

PM 02-04-06-b

  1. (SSA) Gives the SNAP Program-SSI Households (Form 3165) to persons who want to file an application for SNAP benefits.
    1. When an SSI application or SSI redetermination is completed by phone, completes a SNAP application where all members are SSI applicants or clients. Mails the application to the applicant for their signature.
  2. (SSA) Forwards the signed Form 683; the SSA Transmittal for SNAP Applications (SSA-4233); and any available verification or documentation to DHS.
  3. (FCRC) Date stamp Form 683 indicating the date the Family Community Resource Center received it.
    1. Determine the date of application by review of the SSA Transmittal for SNAP Applications (SSA-4233).
    2. Register the application.
  4. (FCRC) If entitled to expedited service, see PM 02-08-00. For expedited issuance, work registration requirements do not apply.
  5. (FCRC) Send the applicant Form 267 for verification not already requested by the SSA office.
  6. (FCRC) When approving an application, issue the Change Report Form (Form 1978), along with the appropriate pages and sections of the manual Form 360 series.