WAG 02-04-06: Application Date

PM 02-04-06.

(FCRC/All Kids Unit) Immediately stamp the date of receipt on each accepted application.

If an application is faxed, keep the fax cover sheet and file it with the application in the case record.

If an application form is returned to a hospital or agency due to incompleteness, the date the resubmitted application is received and date-stamped becomes the new date of application.

An SNAP application is considered filed on the date one of the following forms is received in the Family Community Resource Center:

  • Application for SNAP benefits (Form 683); or
  • the Request for Cash Assistance - Medical Assistance - SNAP benefits (Form 2378B/2378C).

Form 683 or Form 2378B must contain at a minimum, a name, address, and a signature to be considered a partially completed application. An applicant may complete the screening portion of Form 2378C to apply for expedited service.