WAG 02-04-05: Applications Received in the Wrong Office

PM 02-04-05

revise textIf an application is incorrectly mailed or faxed to a central unit or the HFS All Kids Unit office review the application for completeness. If complete forward to the FCRC that normally processes applications for the area where the applicant lives. If incomplete, attach a written statement to the application and return the application to the sending party. The statement should contain the following:

  • Information that the application went to the wrong office and is incomplete.
  • The additional information needed to complete the application.
  • The name, address, and fax number of the usual office.

If the completed application was received via fax, send the application via fax to the DHS Family Community Resource Center that serves their address.

If an FCRC receives an application for medical only from an AKAA, forward the application to the HFS All Kids Unit at 1-217-785-1647. Send the application as soon as possible, but no later than the next workday after the day it is received.