WAG 02-04-04: When Is It an Application?

PM 02-04-04

For applications for all benefits except medical, a face-to-face interview is a part of the application process. However, the face-to-face interview does not have to be conducted before the application is filed.

(FCRC/All Kids Unit) Accept a faxed application form.

If only the first page of Form 2378B or Form 683 is received with a name, address, and signature, register the application. For Form 2378B, register a cash and SNAP application. If the FCRC only receives the first page of Form 683, register it as a SNAP application.

new manual textFor SNAP households, if Form 1893 is received with a name, address and signature, register the redetermination application for SNAP.

new manual textAn application must still be completed by the customer before the it can be processed. See PM 19-03-03 SNAP REDE Process.