PM 02-04-02-a: Approved Representative

WAG 02-04-02-a.

An approved representative is a person who has been given permission by a client to act on their behalf when conducting business with the Department. revised textThe approval must have either a written or an electronic signature by the person who wants the benefits.

NOTE: If the applicant is blind, or it is necessary that the statement be signed with a mark, the signature must be witnessed.

An approved representative may:

  • be present in the contacts with the client;
  • help the client in the application process; and
  • represent the client when not accompanied by the client, including receiving and using the Illinois Link card and choosing the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The approved representative must be sent copies of all letters, forms, and notices related to the application process.

The following restrictions apply to approved representatives:

  • A Family Community Resource Center employee who is involved in the certification or issuance procedures, and a retailer authorized to accept SNAP benefits, may not act as an approved representative unless:
    • the Family Community Resource Center administrator determines that no one else is available to serve as approved representative and
    • the specific written approval of the Family Community Resource Center administrator is obtained.
  • A person disqualified for intentional program violation may not act as an approved representative while disqualified unless:
    • the disqualified person is the only adult member of the SNAP unit able to act on the unit's behalf and
    • the Family Community Resource Center administrator has determined that no one else is available to serve as approved representative.

When someone applies for another person, accept their statement of:

  • incompetence,
  • incapacity, or
  • death of the person for whom they are applying.

If the statement is later found to be invalid, the application may be:

  • withdrawn by the applicant or
  • continued through a decision. If continued, the applicant must complete the application form. The original date of application remains the same.

Disqualify an approved representative from being a client's representative for one year, if they:

  • misrepresented a SNAP unit's circumstances and knowingly provided false information or
  • made improper use of SNAP benefits.

Notify the approved representative of the disqualification, and the reason for the action. Send a notice 30 calendar days before the disqualification.

The SNAP unit may appeal the approved representative's disqualification.