PM 02-04-02-a: Approved Representative

WAG 02-04-02-a.

revised manual textAn Approved Representative is a person or organization who has been given permission by a customer to act on their behalf when conducting business with the Department. 

new manual textMedical Programs

  • An individual or organization may be designated by the customer as an Approved Representative to act on their behalf in assisting with an application or redetermination of benefits. An Approved Representative Form is required to be completed by the customer and the representative.
  • The customer may authorize their Approved Representative to sign an application on their behalf, complete and submit a redetermination form, receive copies of eligibility notices and other communications, or act on behalf of the customer in all matters with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS)
  • A Power of Attorney (POA) or Legal Guardian may also be designated as an Approved Representative. A verified POA or Legal Guardian has permission to act on the behalf of the customer in all matters related to the customer's benefits.


  • revised manual textSNAP customers must provide a written statement authorizing a representative to act on their behalf or complete an Approved Representative Form. The approval must have a written signature by the person who wants the benefits and filed in the Electronic Case Record (ECR).
  • If the applicant is blind, or it is necessary that the statement be signed with a mark, the signature must be witnessed.
  • new manual textResidents of a drug addiction or alcohol treatment facility must apply for SNAP through an employee of the facility designated to act as an Authorized Representative. See PM 05-01-01 and WAG 02-04-03-c.
  • new manual textA resident of a group living arrangement may apply for SNAP on their own, or through their Approved Representative, or through an employee of the group home assigned to act as an Authorized Representative. See WAG 02-04-03-c and PM 05-08-05.
  • new manual textA SNAP customer may allow an outside agency to inquire about their application or case status, including help with providing verifications by completing  an Outreach Partner Consent Form, but this does not give the outside agency permission to act as an Approved Representative for the customer. See WAG 01-01-04.
  • An Approved Representative may:
    • be present in the contacts with the customer;
    • help the customer in the application process; and
    • represent the customer when not accompanied by the customer, including receiving and using the Illinois Link card and choosing the Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • The Approved Representative must be sent copies of all letters, forms, and notices related to the application process.
  • The following restrictions apply to Approved Representatives:
    • A Family Community Resource Center employee who is involved in the certification or issuance procedures, and a retailer authorized to accept SNAP benefits, may not act as an approved representative unless:
      • the Family Community Resource Center administrator determines that no one else is available to serve as approved representative; and
      • the specific written approval of the Family Community Resource Center administrator is obtained.
    • A person disqualified for intentional program violation (IPV) may not act as an Approved Representative while disqualified unless:
      • the disqualified person is the only adult member of the SNAP household able to act on the household's behalf  the Family Community Resource Center Administrator has determined that no one else is available to serve as Approved Representative.
  • new manual textIt is a violation of the Illinois Public Aid Code to assist or represent another person in completing or submitting an application for benefits in exchange for a portion of the applicant's benefits or cash or any other form of payment from any other source.
  • When someone applies for another person, accept their statement of:
    • incompetence,
    • incapacity, or
    • death of the person for whom they are applying.
  • If the statement is later found to be invalid, the application may be:
    • withdrawn by the applicant or
    • continued through a decision. If continued, the applicant must complete the application form. The original date of application remains the same.
  • An Approved Representative is disqualified from being a customer's representative for one year, if they:
    • misrepresent a SNAP household's circumstances and knowingly provide false information or
    • improperly use SNAP benefits.
  • revised manual textThe Approved Representative is notified of the disqualification, and the reason for the action 30 calendar days before the disqualification.
  • The SNAP household may appeal the Approved Representative's disqualification.