WAG 02-04-02-a: Approved Representative

PM 02-04-02-a

When an approved representative applies for someone, require that the applicant provide a written revised textor electronic (in IES) statement authorizing the representative, or complete an Approved Representative Consent Form (Form 2998).

You may use Form 2998 when:

  • an applicant does not give their representative a written statement, or
  • sending out an application that the applicant (or their representative) will return to the office.

NOTE: If the approved representative provides a written revised text or electronic (ABE) statement from the applicant, do not require that the applicant complete a Form 2998.

If a written statement is used, it should include the following:

  • The full name, address, and phone number of the approved representative.
  • A statement saying that the client is still responsible for the information the approved representative gives to DHS.
  • The date and signature of the client.
  • If a form letter is used that has to be notarized, it is invalid without a Notary Public's seal.

Tell the SNAP unit that they must repay any overpayment that results from incorrect information given by the approved representative.

Getting the Written Approval

If someone other than the applicant brings in an application signed by the applicant, but does not have the applicant's signed revised text(written or electronic in ABE), written authorization or a completed Form 2998, take the following actions:

  1. (Screener) Register the application as a mail-in.
  2. (Screener) Tell the person they need to get the applicant's written approvalrevised text(written or electronic in ABE), before the eligibility interview.
  3. (Screener) Attach a Form 2998, when completing the Instructions to Applicant (Form 267), to schedule the eligibility interview appointment.
  4. (Screener) Tell the potential approved representative (orally, and on Form 267) to:
    • fill out the top part of the form,
    • have the client sign and date the bottom part, and
    • return the completed form to the Family Community Resource Center no later than the eligibility interview date.

(EW) If the potential approved representative shows up for the eligibility interview and has not provided a signed, written statement revised text(written or electronic in IES), or a completed Form 2998, do not conduct an interview (face-to-face or telephone) with that person. Take the following actions:

  1. (EW) Tell the potential representative they need to get the client's written approval revised text(written or electronic in ABE),before you can conduct an interview.
  2. (EW) Complete a Form 267, and give it to the potential representative along with Form 2998.
  3. (EW) Tell the potential representative to fill out the top part of Form 2998 and have the applicant sign and date the bottom part.
  4. (EW) Give the person 10 workdays to return Form 2998. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, allow the person until the next workday.
  5. (EW)
    1. If they do not return Form 2998 (or other signedrevised text(written or electronic in ABE) authorization), deny the application for failure to provide necessary information.
    2. If they return with a completed Form 2998, or a writtenrevised text/electronic statement, process the application, and file the Form 2998, or written statement in the case record. new textThe electronic authorization is part of the CAF in IES.
  6. (EW) Write in the case record whether an approved representative applied on behalf of a unit, or if a person was approved to use SNAP benefits to purchase food for a SNAP unit. Write the name of the approved representative in the case record.

NOTE: Send copies of all letters, forms, and notices related to the application process to the approved representative.

(LOA/Designee) If an approved representative is disqualified, send them a Notice of Disqualification of Authorized Representative (Form 2476), telling them of the action and reason for the action. Send Form 2476 30 calendar days before the disqualification.