WAG 02-02-01-a: Using the RD&C

Determine what needs a client has that can be addressed by making a referral to an appropriate resource or service provider. Providers with multiple sites are listed in the directory under each address. Use the RD&C to enter further information concerning a client's progress on an already existing referral.

Access the RD&C by signing on to the VCM and entering the Visitor Information System (VIS). Under Service Tools are the menu items Resource Directory and Community Connection (Referral). Under Resource Directory a worker can find Resources and Organizations.

Under Community Connection (Referral) there are the following 5 menu items:

  • Make a Connection
  • View a Connection
  • Maintain Connection
  • Followup Log
  • Progress Log

Make a Connection

Before a connection can be made, the system requires the worker to search for the client in the Client Database (CDB). If the client is not found, the worker can enter the client's demographic information and proceed. The worker has access to present and previous connections for the client and can also create new connections.

To create a new connection, complete a series of windows which collect specific information about the client and define why they are being connected with a resource. Information is gathered to complete the automated Referral Form (Form 2151C). Form 2151C is required each time a referral is made.

The windows are broken down into 5 groups, as shown below. Each group has a series of questions that are presented to the worker.

  • Connection Info,
  • Connected By,
  • Individual Info,
  • Case Info, and
  • Resource Info.

Once the worker indicates the service need(s) a client has, the system helps the worker identify available resources in the client's area via the Family Community Resource Center directory. Select the resource that seems best suited to meet the client's specific need(s). Set an appointment for the client with the resource, taking into account the appointment availability of the service provider.

View a Connection

(System) The system retains the connection information so that a worker may come in anytime to review a connection that has already been made.

(FCRC) Use View a Connection to:

  • view a client's existing connection,
  • see how a client's referral has progressed, and
  • see when changes in the connection were made.

Followup Log

Use the Followup Log to record the receipt of follow-up information.

Progress Log

Use the Progress Log to record the receipt of progress information on a client.

Maintain a Connection

Use Maintain a Connection to enter information when you learn of changes on a case through casework efforts or from information gathered from a service provider through receipt of a Change Progress Report Form (Form 2151A/2151B/2151D). The information may be revised to:

  • update the current contact person,
  • list follow-up information,
  • note client progress, or
  • extend a connection.