PM 01-07-11-a: Action Upheld

WAG 01-07-11-a

For cash, medical, and child care cases, take action as soon as possible after being notified of the decision. Do not send any additional notice to the client unless the decision tells you to make a new determination. The notice of the appeal decision is enough if you are only taking the action that was appealed.

For SNAP cases, put the decision into effect within 10 calendar days after the date you are notified of the decision. The decision is effective back to the date it was issued.

If benefits were continued in the previous amount during the appeal process, report an overpayment for any excess cash or SNAP benefits received during the continuation. For sanctions, if the client loses the appeal, impose the sanction for the first month possible. Do not report or recoup excess benefits.

If benefits were not continued in the previous amount and a new determination is not required, no action is needed.

Be aware of changes in case status or benefit amounts that happened while the appeal was pending. Consider these changes when taking any action in response to the final hearing decision or to a client's request to withdraw the appeal.