PM 01-07-10-a: Hearing Process

WAG 01-07-10-a

The client (or their representative) must be given a reasonable opportunity to:

  • Examine (before and during the hearing) all documents and records to be used at the hearing including the contents of the case record. Confidential information is not included.

    If requested, the FCRC must provide a free copy of the pages of the case record that relate to the hearing of a food stamp appeal. For appeals of other programs, the FCRC charges 10¢ per page.

    Confidential information that is protected from release, and other documents or records which the client would not otherwise have the opportunity to challenge, are not available for examination by the client and should not be introduced at the hearing or affect the hearing decision. 

  • Present the case or have it presented by a lawyer or other person.
  • Bring witnesses.
  • Present arguments without interference.
  • Question or prove wrong any testimony or evidence, including an opportunity to confront and cross-examine adverse witnesses.
  • Submit evidence to prove all relevant facts and circumstances in the case. new textFax or email any evidence (exhibits) provided to the Bureau of Assistance Hearings within 24 hours of the appeal hearing meeting. See WAG 01-07-10-a for the fax number and email address.

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For child care appeals, BAH coordinates scheduling of the hearing with the Bureau of Child Care and Development. BCCD staff provides all evidence to be submitted at the hearing. CCR&R or BCCD staff participate in the hearing by phone or in person.