PM 01-07-07: Pre-Hearing Meeting

WAG 01-07-07

For appeals handled by the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC), schedule a pre-appeal meeting with the client and/or their representative.

  • new text The meeting may be held by phone or in the office. The meeting must be held within 10 days after the appeal is received. The worker and supervisor must attend the meeting with the client.

Note: If a client disputes the denial of expedited SNAP service, schedule deleted texta pre-hearing meeting within 2 workdays of the day that the request is filed.

  • If the client participates in the meeting and accepts the decision, ask the client to withdraw the appeal.
  • If the client does not participate in the meeting and the action is reversed and benefits are restored to the previous amount, contact the client and ask them to withdraw their appeal.
    • new textThe withdrawal of appeal must be in writing. If the appellant is present, ask them to sign the request to withdraw.  If the client is not present, send them the request to withdraw and a return envelope.  Ask them to sign and return the form. See PM 01-07-09 and WAG 01-07-09.

Revise your decision as needed. If the client does not withdraw the appeal following the meeting complete a statement of facts that supports the action.