WAG 01-07-05: Who to Notify of an Appeal

PM 01-07-05.

For appeals about:

  1. Prior approval of a medical service/item handled by the HFS Bureau of Comprehensive Health Services (BCHS) - call HFS Fair Hearings Section (FHS).
  2. Any medical service or item for GA cases - call HFS FHS.
  3. A decision to file a lien on real property owned by an AABD medical long term care client - call BOC (Resources and Recovery Unit in Cook County or Technical Recovery Section outside Cook County) and send them a copy of the appeal request.
  4. A decision to restrict a client to a primary care provider - call HFS FHS.
  5. A decision made by the Health Insurance Payment Program (HIPP) Unit - call HFS FHS.
  6. Genuineness of a signature - call BOS so they can inform BAH to coordinate scheduling of the hearing with the Department's Forensic Document Examiner (FDE).
  7. Child care - call BCCD and send them a copy of the appeal request.