WAG 01-07-00: Appeal Rights and Fair Hearings

PM 01-07-00.

Give The Right to Appeal and to Receive a Fair Hearing (Form 377) to all persons when they apply for benefits and when they request the pamphlet.

An authorized representative must provide a written, signed statement from the client naming them to act for the client. If the representative has been authorized by a court of law, file a copy of the court document in the case record.

When a representative files a written appeal in the Family Community Resource Center, attach a copy of the authorization to the appeal request and send to the Bureau of Assistance Hearings (BAH). If the representative does not have a written, signed authorization, accept and submit the appeal to BAH without it. Inform the representative that BAH will return an appeal not signed by the client that does not have proper authorization.

Use the Hearing System to help determine the history and current status of an appeal with the Bureau of Assistance Hearings (see WAG 22-08-20). TANF sanction appeals are a separate type of appeal and have an appeal number that begins with S.