WAG 01-06-08: Notices - Case Record Maintenance

New Manual Material IES Phase 2 Process

A copy of all notices sent to a customer is maintained in the Electronic Case Record (ECR).

  1. (IES) If the notice is printed centrally in IES, or through manual correspondence, a copy of the notice is available in Correspondence under "View Correspondence".
  2. (FCRC) When a form is generated out of the DHS or HFS Forms Library, you must print it locally, mail to the customer and uploaded the notice to the ECR.

New Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

Local offices receive a daily list of centrally issued client notices titled "IM Change Notices Issued Centrally/Intake Notices Issued Centrally." The list tells what central notices were issued. Use the list to verify facts needed for a hearing (see WAG 01-07-00). The list includes the following notices:

  • Income Maintenance (IM), Notice of Change (Form 157C).
  • Intake Notices:
  • Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP (Form 360C)
  • Notice of Missed Interview (Form 267L)
  • Notice of Decision on SNAP Application - Missed Interview (Form 360R)

The list is printed in alphabetical order within caseload and includes the following information for each unit listed:

  • Date of Notice
  • Date of Change
  • Case Name and Address
  • Case ID Number
  • Notice Sent (Form 157C, Form 267L, Form 360C, Form 360R)
  • Type Action (TA)
  • Type Action Reason (TAR)
  • Effective Date
  • Programs for which Notification Issued (TANF, AABD, SNAP, Medical)
  • New benefit amount, when appropriate